Intensive Hair Bonding & Revitalizing System

BondX for Hair: The Hair Bonding and Revitalizing System offers a simple yet effective three-step regimen for rejuvenating damaged hair. Step 1: BondX Fortifying Shampoo cleanses and nourishes. Step 2: BondX Fortifying Conditioner replenishes moisture and fortifies strands. Step 3: BondX Intensive Treatment repairs damage and restores shine. Transform your hair with this powerful trio.

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Step 1

Fortifying Shampoo

BondX Fortifying Shampoo, the inaugural step in a transformative hair care regimen, offers a nourishing and fortifying experience like no other.

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Step 2

Fortifying Conditioner

BondX Fortifying Conditioner, the indispensable second step in your hair care ritual, delivers unparalleled nourishment and restoration for your locks.

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Step 3

Intensive Treatment

BondX Intensive Treatment stands as the pinnacle of hair care excellence, offering a potent blend of revitalizing ingredients to address even the most demanding hair concerns.

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What are hair bonding treatments? 

Bonding treatments are advanced hair care solutions meticulously crafted to address the integrity of disulfide bonds within the hair structure. Disulfide bonds are essential components that contribute to the strength and elasticity of the hair. However, these bonds can become weakened or damaged due to various factors, particularly chemical processes like coloring, bleaching, or perming. When disulfide bonds are compromised, the hair becomes vulnerable to breakage, brittleness, and overall damage. Bonding treatments work by penetrating deep into the hair shaft, where they actively repair and reinforce these bonds, restoring the hair's strength, resilience, and vitality. By strengthening the bonds, bonding treatments help minimize the risk of damage during subsequent chemical treatments and promote healthier, more resilient hair overall.

How often should you use hair bond treatment?

If your hair is typically in good condition and you don't frequently subject it to coloring or heat styling, incorporating a bonding treatment into your routine every other week can be an excellent maintenance strategy. Many bonding shampoos and conditioners are formulated to cater to all hair types, making them suitable for daily use or whenever you wash your hair. By integrating these products into your regimen, you can help maintain the integrity of your hair's bonds, promoting overall health and resilience, even if you don't undergo frequent chemical treatments or use heat styling tools.

What is the difference between a bonding and a hair mask?

Bond building treatments and hair masks share the common goal of nourishing and strengthening the hair, but they differ significantly in their approach and target areas. Bond building treatments, such as those containing ingredients like keratin or amino acids, work internally within the hair cortex to repair and reinforce molecular bonds, enhancing the hair's strength and resilience from within. In contrast, hair masks primarily focus on the external cuticle, providing hydration, smoothing, and temporary repair to the hair's surface through conditioning agents like oils, proteins, and vitamins. While both treatments offer valuable benefits, their distinct mechanisms and formulations cater to different levels of hair repair and maintenance.

What are the three types of hair bonds?

The bonds that link protein chains within the hair structure come in three main types: disulfide bonds, which are robust; hydrogen bonds and salt bonds, which are comparatively weaker. These bonds collectively contribute to the shape and structure of each hair strand. The quantity and distribution of strong disulfide bonds play a crucial role in determining the overall shape of the hair. While disulfide bonds provide strength and stability to the hair, hydrogen bonds and salt bonds are responsible for temporary changes in the hair's shape, such as during styling or when exposed to moisture. Understanding the role of these bonds is essential in comprehending the unique characteristics and behavior of different hair types.

  • Mary's Salon NY

    Mary's Salon NY is thrilled with BondX products. Our clients love the transformative effects, leaving hair revitalized, fortified, and radiantly confident. BondX delivers exceptional quality and performance. Our salon is thrilled to offer these exceptional products, providing our clients with renewed confidence in their locks. Thank you, BondX, for exceeding our expectations and revolutionizing our hair care services.

  • Rebbeca Marks

    I recently tried the BondX 3 Steps Set curated by Rebecca Marks, and I'm thoroughly impressed. The Fortifying Shampoo cleansed my hair gently yet effectively, while the Fortifying Conditioner left it feeling incredibly soft and manageable. The Intense Treatment provided an extra boost of nourishment and repair, leaving my hair looking and feeling healthier than ever.

  • Jessica Silvestain

    BondX Fortifying Shampoo has become my go-to for hair care! Upon a friend's recommendation, I gave it a try, and I must say, I'm truly impressed. Not only did it thoroughly cleanse my hair, but it also left it feeling stronger and healthier. I loved its gentle formula, which preserved my hair's natural oils. Thanks to Jessica's suggestion, I've found a new favorite for my hair care routine.